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Operation Shockwave

Type of Therapy: Mindfulness Therapy

Website: www.operationshockwave.org

Preventing suicide by leading and empowering veterans to choose life and become examples of success in our community

Veteran Leadership Unit. We seek out and train motivated veterans to be educated in crisis intervention, suicide prevention, public speaking and leadership for the purpose of being an example to our community and veterans of overcoming struggles associated with transitioning out of the military. Community Engagement. Our veterans will participate in community events put on by other organizations and will speak at Operation Shockwave events to share their experiences, struggles and victories over suicide, PTSD, depression and more.Chandler, Arizona

Warrior Songs

Type of Therapy:

Website: Warriorsongs.org

Warrior Songs is a non-profit organization committed to facilitating healing veterans through music and the creative arts. Our mission is to assist veterans in more fully understanding and integrating all aspects of the military experience by transforming their traumatic experiences and struggles into an art form which both inspires and is life affirming, thus motivating their continued healing. We also provide educational opportunities for non military community members to learn more about veteran issues (Post Traumatic Stress, Military Sexual Trauma, and Traumatic Brain Injury).

Creative Arts Healing Retreats Our Retreats Warrior Songs Retreats provide a safe and supportive healing space where veterans/soldiers are able to deepen their connection with themselves, each other and those who love and support them. Retreats offer a wonderful opportunity to reclaim life with joy and hope. During the 4-day retreats the stages of departure, service, and transitioning home are explored in depth. Storytelling and various types of art are used to understand, express and integrate the war experience. Art becomes testimony to the pain of war as well as to joy of the healing process. Each veteran/soldier creates a plan for moving forward toward continued healing using new tools and skills offered during the retreat. On the last evening of the retreat veterans/soldiers have the opportunity to share their stories in art form to a gathered community. This allows participants to speak their truth and for civilians to provide a sincere and moving welcome home. Guided by experienced facilitators (some of whom are veterans), the retreats are host to 14 veterans/soldiers. They offer a good balance of time for introspection, expression, reflection and creativity. Warrior Songs retreats are free of charge and all inclusive for veterans/soldiers. Retreats are funded by donations from generous individuals, organizations and communities that truly care about the healing of our nation’s veterans. Please consider becoming an important partner in this work by making a donation today. Thank you. Our Guiding Principles To establish a safe community of trust. To accept each individual experience and perspective To provide adequate down time during the retreat to rest and integrate To provide top quality care and facilitation If you seek to reconnect with the Source of who you are, eliminate blocks to authenticity; and invite transformation, this will be the workshop for you. No art experience necessary. Story To Song This program facilitates collaboration between established musicians and veterans to turn a veteran’s story into song, which then becomes a platform for reflection, transformation and healing. Free and discounted CD’s to veterans and veteran healers Warrior Songs offers free CD’s that have a healing and beneficial effect to Veterans. PTSD Community Education and Entertainment Isolation is the leading cause of veteran suicides. By using story, song and even humor to educate civilians about the truth of our veterans’ experiences and struggles with military Post Traumatic Stress Warrior Songs is able to reach a wider audience. These programs often help civilians understand their responsibility in veteran healing. By changing the way we think and act we can open the way for veterans to move out of isolation and desperation, toward healing.Madison, Wisconsin

Deep Sea Valkyries

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: www.deepseavalkyries.com


Deep Sea Valkyries is a Veteran's outreach 501(c)(3) that facilitates retreats and counseling programs to assist in PTSD recovery and development of life skills for Veterans transitioning from Military service. Our retreats, or 'Voyages' as we call them, provide a holistic approach to healing, reducing the triggers of PTSD, equipping participants with the tools to combat those triggers, and leading to a reduction in Veteran suicides and suicide attempts. Our retreats take Veterans from across the US down to Nassau, Bahamas for a week long live-aboard during which time, more than 25 hours of group and individual counseling sessions will take place with our licensed Counselor who specializes in PTSD treatments. In addition, a team of Veterans that specialize in marine eco-adventures will guide participants in scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, sailing, kayaking, and land based excursions on remote islands while learning about marine conservation and the impact humans can have on marine eco-systems. Our aim is to provide not only the counseling to reduce PTSD, but also to reinvigorate our Veterans to engage in healthy outdoor activities. Additionally, we provide monthly local events in the greater Phoenix Valley for Veterans and their caregiver/spouse/friends to participate in a Discover SCUBA course to try and diving and see if they enjoy it. These events are completely free to all participants and ultimately our goal is to be able to provide full certifications and gear to all who want to pursue the full dive certification. That portion of the program is still pending funding through a variety of grants for which we have applied.Higley, Arizona

Active Heroes Military Family Retreat Center

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: www.activeheroes.org

To support all US military service members, veterans, and their families through physical, educational, and emotional programs in an effort to eliminate suicide.

One of Active Heroes most popular events, the WOD (Workout of the Day) to End Veteran Suicide is hosted at gyms and CrossFit boxes across the country. Partner gyms/boxes raise donations and raise awareness on behalf of Active Heroes to help further their mission of helping end veteran suicide. Each partner-gym/box creates their own WOD (Workout of the Day) with 22 exercises and 22 reps of each. At minute 22 into the WOD, teams take a 2 minute moment of silence for those who have passed in the veteran suicide epidemic. All of this, in honor of the highest the veteran suicide rate has ever been: 22. *2019 WOD premier date is: 9/21/19* Carry the fallen, gold tournaments, pound challenge, 22 push up challenge, motorcycle run, stand at attention competition, gaming for heroes, active heroes 5k, and zumbathon for active heroesLouisville, Kentucky

Independence Fund

Type of Therapy: Physiology Therapy

Website: www.independencefund.org

Empower our severely wounded veterans and their care givers to take control of their lives. We provide the resources and tools that enable veterans to regain their independence and fight for their ability to sustain it.

Adaptive sports, advocacy program, caregiver program, family program, mobility program, operation resiliencyCharlotte, North Carolina

Boulder Crest

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: bouldercrest.org/

To provide free, world class, short duration, high-impact retreats for combat veterans and their families.

- A free 18 month program that begins with a 7 day intensive and immersive in-residence initiation. (Has separate programs for male and female) Family Path- 5 day program entire family Couples Path and Care giver Path- A free 3 day program Family R&R- 2-7 days for family Eligible one stay each yearBluemont, Virginia

Songwriting with Soldiers

Type of Therapy: Music & Dance Therapy

Website: www.songwritingwithsoldiers.org

We transform lives by using collaborative songwriting to expand creativity, connections, and strengths.

Songwriting veterans work collaboratively with professional song writers to transform their experiences of combat and the transition home into songs.Nashville, Tennessee

Operation Enduring Gratitude

Type of Therapy: Physiology Therapy

Website: operationenduringgratitude.org/

To assist the mobility of veterans.

Build concrete AMO ramps so veterans can gain a sense of well being as a result of better access to opportunities for social interaction and a greater sense of self sufficiency.Chatsworth, California

Transcendental Meditation

Type of Therapy: Physiology Therapy

Website: www.tm.org

Meditation greatly reduces stress and anxiety -Clearer thinking -Better sleep -Brighter, more positive state of mind

4 session TM course Day 1 - Personalized one-on-one instruction Day 2-4 Small group training sessions Lifetime follow up and supportOrange & LA Counties, California

Heroes in Recovery

Type of Therapy: Physiology Therapy

Website: www.heroesinrecovery.com

To eliminate the social stigma that keeps individuals with addiction and mental health issues from seeking help, to share stories of recovery for the purpose of encouragement and inspiration, and to create an engaged sober community that empowers people to get involved, give back, and live healthy, active lives.

Asking people in recovery to share their stories with us so that others who are struggling can realize that there’s life on the other side of drugs and alcohol.Brentwood, Tennessee

Camp Patriot

Type of Therapy: Recreation Therapy

Website: camppatriot.org

To empower and thank wounded and disabled military veterans of all generations through outdoor programs.

ATV adventures, homesteading, hobby garden cultivation, egg and honey production, canning, snow machine adventures, archery, float boat and lake fishing, trail running, and hikingBillings, Montana

Lone Survivor Foundation

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: lonesurvivorfoundation.org

Restoring, empowering, and renewing hope for our wounded veterans and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support.

Retreats focused on PTSD, mTBI, military sexual assaults, pain management mattersHuntsville, Texas

Operation Heal our Patriots

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: samaritanspurse.org/what-we-do/about-operation-heal-our-patriots/

Give wounded veterans and their spouses the opportunity for spiritual refreshment, physical renewal, and marriage enrichment

Biblically based seminars that help strengthen their relationships with God and others, and to enjoy the beauty of God's creation with outdoor activities.San Martin, California

Sierra Nevada Horses and Heroes

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: SNHAH.org

Horsemanship program empowering wounded warrior and others through partnership of horses, qualified instructors, therapists, and volunteers to surmount physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges.

Brings together horses and humans in a safe, supportive, and positive environment to provide a therapeutic horsemanship experience.Spanish Springs, Nevada

Wings of Warriors

Type of Therapy: Mindfulness Therapy

Website: wingsforwarriors.org/

Volunteer driven non-profit organization designed to help ensure that our combat wounded Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans returning home, or transitioning into the realm of their disabilities are getting the adequate healthcare and financial benefits they deserve.

Provides information on -Suicide hotlines -Medical centers -Wounded warrior projects -Health and disability resources -Educational resources -Other resources -Legal resourcesPhoenix, Arizona

America's Mighty Warriors

Type of Therapy:

Website: americasmightywarriors.org

To honor the sacrifices of our troops, the fallen and their families by providing programs that improve quality of life, resiliency, and recovery.

Our troops are coming home after multiple deployments with emotional and physical needs. AMW recognizes they are not receiving the best care in a timely manner. We are dedicated to providing therapies that heal. We provide funding for those diagnosed with TBI to receive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. We are also working with other providers whose therapies are helping with PTSD. We also host retreats for our wounded warriors and their families to provide recreation and resiliency. As our troops continue the fight on multiple fronts, many are experiencing Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and associated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from combat-related blasts. More than 750,000 of our troops and families are affected and sadly, many are not getting access to the treatment they need to heal the actual brain injury! Instead, symptoms are being addressed with medication while source of the problem goes untreated. The result, our troops are on medication for depression, anxiety, concentration, sleeplessness and pain. Individuals and families are being torn apart. Treatments are available to treat the brain injury but they are not prescribed by military doctors because they are not covered by insurance! America’s Mighty Warriors is collaborating with HBOT treatment centers around the country, HBOT stands for hyperbaric oxygen treatment. This evidence-based protocol for oxygen treatment that has been helping vets heal but it is difficult to access and is not covered by insurance. America’s Mighty Warriors is raising awareness and money to get our warriors access to this beneficial treatment and help our troops, vets and their families get their lives back after Traumatic Brain InjurySurprise, Arizona

Association of Amputee Surfers

Type of Therapy: Recreational Therapy

Website: ampsurf.org

To Promote, Inspire, Educate, and Rehabilitate (PIER) all people with disabilities and their families through adaptive surfing and other outdoor activities.

VetSurf Want to see local veterans engaging in a healthy lifestyle, become more active, find an alternative form of physical and mental rehabilitation and connect with other vets.Pismo Beach, California

Base Camp Hope

Type of Therapy:

Website: basecamphope.org

- BCH is committed to educating veterans and the community about PTSD, using creative and alternative methods to aid our American heroes and in building a strong support system for broken families in need of restoration.

Anger Management Sleep Deprivation Drug & alcohol counseling One-on-one counseling Group counseling Family counseling Physical therapy Writing therapy Art therapy Music therapy Animal therapyForrest Lake, Minnesota

Black Dagger Military Hunt Club

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: blackdaggermhc.org

- To enable the veterans and active duty military personnel (both wounded and well) who have passion for hunting, shooting, fishing, and the outdoors, the ability to do so!

Partner with the James A. Haley Veterans Affairs (VA) Adaptive Sports Program helping with rehabilitative efforts of our wounded veterans. We provide peer-to-peer outdoor activities with military members and their families, with a focus on reintegration after many years of deployments. Programs- Hunting, shooting, and fishingTampa Bay, Florida

Blum's Landing

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: blumslanding.org

Blum’s Landing has been established for those persons who have defended our freedom during the War on Terror. It is not a rehabilitation center; but rather our home serves as a free bed and breakfast retreat for those active or inactive personnel and their immediate family over a short period of time.

The streams, rivers, and lakes offer excellent fishing opportunities for the beginner or the seasoned fisherman. Terry is always willing to give a fly-fishing or a fly-tying lesson. He is also willing to direct you to the “good” fishing holes on Orchard Lake. If you are more interested in a quiet and scenic afternoon, Orchard Lake and adjacent lakes/rivers offer a relaxing kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboat adventure. The beaches of Lake Huron also are great for swimming, long walks, or just enjoying the idyllic sunsets. To top the evening off, a roaring bonfire and s’mores can be had here on Orchard Lake as you enjoy the star lit skies. Black Mountain Recreational Area (along with several State Parks in close proximity) provides hiking, swimming, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. The favorite area, thus far to visitors and guests, is the Ocqueoc Falls. It is a lovely scenic waterfall and river system that attracts lots of interest. A family can have their own little pool in which to while away the afternoon!Millersburg, Michigan

Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailor

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: www.baads.org/sailing/veterans

We strive to make all aspects of sailing accessible

Our keelboat fleet includes five keelboats, each specially rigged and equipped with adaptive features to make sailing the San Francisco Bay possible for people with disabilities. Additionally, we have 23 Access Dinghies, ranging in size from 8 to 14 feet long, all of which are specifically designed for people with disabilities. Some of these are equipped with servo motors so that people with severe physical disabilities can sail solo. We serve approximately 50 participants each weekend. Our participants range in age and include people with mental, physical, and developmental disabilities. Some participants have never sailed before and some have been sailing all their lives. Through our sailing programs, participants learn to sail by themselves in the dinghy program and as part of a crew in the keelboat programSan Francisco, California

Armed Services YMCA-Operation Outdoors

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: asymca.org

The armed services YMCA enhances the lives of military members and their families in spirit, mind, and body through programs relevant to the unique challenges of military life.

Angels of the Battlefield Awards Gala, Art and Essay Contest, Child care and preschool, children's waiting room, military family month, operation camp: camps and camping, operation hero, operation holiday joy, operation kid comfort, operation ride home.Woodbridge, Virginia

Band of Runners Trail Camp

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: bandofrunners.org

To empower veterans and their surviving family members by sharing the community of trail running and the physical and psychological benefits running in nature provides.

Multiple trail runs with instruction from elite trail runners covering training, technical trail running, hill running, running form, strength training, nutrition, 1st aid, blister care, and night running.Leakey, Texas

Base Camp 40, Warriors in the Wild

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: bc40hunts.org/

Started as a Colorado private land cow elk hunt for our nation's veterans who have sacrificed so much for this great country.

Hosts our nation's heroes on several beautiful ranches in Western Colorado for a 5 day trip.Grand Junction, Colorado

Camp Bliss

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: campbliss.org

Is to assist people with disabilities and Veterans. As a result, Veterans can reconnect with their families, heal from trauma experienced during their service, cope with any service-related disability, and adjust to civilian life.

Crafting, adult coloring, scrapbooking Fishing and ice fishing for all abilities Mother/Daughter excursions People with disabilities with caregivers Veterans, spouses, and families Vietnam veterans R & R Wellness & socialization for people with disabilities Women focusedWalker, Minnesota

Camp Gratitude

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: campgratitude.org

To help every family that attends camp Gratitude relax and have fun while building strength, resilience and connection following deployment.

Provides camp participants access to professional family therapists, to give them a way to ease back into every day family life following deployment. Provides a FREE week long camping experience for military and veteran famiies to relax and reconnect while building strength and resilience.Eden Praire, Minnesota

Camp Liberty

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: camp-liberty.org

Provides inclusive outdoor recreation programs that aid in the reintegration of U.S Military service members, veterans, and their families, with an emphasis on assisting those with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries.

Turkey Hunting Season, Deer Hunts, wildlife observation, blinds and accessibility, track chair use, and pheasant huntingBrighton, Michigan

Christian Warriors Retreat

Type of Therapy: Faith Based

Website: christianwarriorsretreat.org

Is for our veterans to find true healing and regain purpose in life, relationships, and self, through Jesus Christ.

Men and woman's retreats with the process of healing and forgiveness.Yorktown, Texas

Compass Retreat Center

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: compassretreat.org

To provide a supportive setting for National Guard members, reservists and their families following deployment with emphasis on renewing relationships and strengthening family bonds.

RETREATS: We partner with camps and retreat centers to offer programs for... Veterans and their immediate family members Single Service Members Caregivers​ COMMUNITY EDUCATION: Work with communities and businesses to create understanding and awareness of issues that impact Veterans such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Moral Injury, Concerns with deployment, and more. Help community organizations set up support groups for Veterans or Caregivers of Veterans in your area. LEADERSHIP ACADEMY: Work with and develop Veterans, Spouses, and Children of Veterans who have attended a retreat and demonstrate strong leadership capacity into team members to help lead future retreats. We recognize and utilize the strengths, gifts, and graces of those on their own journey and help them develop those skills so they can be a blessing to others,

Deployed Family Outdoors

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: deployedfamilyoutdoors.com

Dedicated to serving and supporting our military and their families by providing unique and unforgettable outdoor adventures which strengthen family relationships and create valuable, lifelong lessons and memories.

Hunting and fishingAustin, Texas

Disabled Veterans Rest Camp

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: vetscampmn.org

A year-round facility for Veterans, Families, and Sponsored Guests

Picnics, playgrounds, volleyball, dog park, frisbee golf, horseshoes, hiking, bingo, parades, gardens, arcade, kids crafts, bands, dancing, karaoke, family movies, swimming, fishing, tubing, skiing, boating, rentals, and beach accessSt. Croix, Minnesota

Eagle Rock Camp

Type of Therapy: Retreat

Website: eaglerockcamp.org

Eagle Rock Camp, through faith in action, brings military families together to heal, reconnect in their communities, restore their hope and emerge as a empowered, purpose driven unit.

kayaking / canoeing Fishing Hiking / walking / waterfalls / lookout High & Low Ropes Course Field Games Archery Creeking Farm to Table Campfires Date NightConover, North Carolina

English River Outfitters

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: englishriveroutfitters.org

We strive to restore our veterans strength and independence by providing a safe outdoor experience that promotes healing and closure, as well as family reintegration.

Deer hunting, hog hunting, hiking, and fishingWashington, Iowa

FAVE Boating Expeditions

Type of Therapy: Recreational Therapy

Website: mywarriorsplace.org

To honor, support and promote healing of the mind and spirit by providing a relaxed setting, special programs and to be a resource for any military service members, veteran, first responder, blue/silver/or gold star family member whose life has been touched and forever changed due to a tragic event and/or the death of a fallen warrior while in service to our country. To provide safe refuge and bring about healing and hope to all veterans and military service members who have returned from the battlefield.

Retreat Stay, Project Carregidor, FAVE boating, Everyday heroes USA, CODE fitness/yoga, Heroes and AngelsRuskin, Florida

Flyin' Heroes

Type of Therapy: Recreational Therapy

Website: flyinheroes.org

Utilizes the sport of fly fishing to promote the therapeutic growth and rehabilitation of U.S military veterans. To create memorable fly fishing experiences that unlock the healing power of the water and fostering lasting relationships.

Guided float trip down the Pere Marquette, Muskegon, and/or the White River located in West Michigan. Also offers fishing trips on inland lakes throughout West Michigan.Muskegon, Michigan

Freedom Hunters

Type of Therapy: Recreational Therapy

Website: freedomhunters.org

To salute the noble work of our courageous men and women of our armed forces. Reflects the outdoors community’s appreciation to our troops by taking: select active duty and combat veterans, families of fallen heroes, children of the deployed, as well as those wounded or injured, on outdoor adventures.

Hunting, fishing, and shootingElizabeth, Colorado

Freedom Waters Foundation

Type of Therapy: Recreational Therapy

Website: freedomwatersfoundation.org

Support positive social interactions with the civilian world while helping restore disconnect in the home by increasing family interaction.

Boating outings and marine activities for veterans and their families.Naples/Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Gameday for heroes

Type of Therapy: Play Therapy

Website: gamedayforheroes.org

To provide collegiate game day experiences for active duty military and veterans.

Tickets to college football, basketball, baseball, or other gameday experience with your military brothers and sistersColumbus, Georgia

Heroes' Hunt for Veterans

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: heroeshuntforvets.org

Benefit veterans which gives them the opportunity to experience a quality guided deer, turkey, or water fowl hunt.

Each Saturday we’ll meet our hunters at the America Inn Hotel & Suites in Waupun, get settled in, then it’s off to the shooting range for some target practice and getting to know each other. When the time is right we will head out to one of our many blinds to include three Redneck blinds, two constructed 8×8 blinds, six pop up blinds, or one of 35 ladder stands. Each hunter will be accompanied by a guide whose job it is to make this about the hunter and his/her experience. Guides will be filming the hunt so the memory can be shared with others. Saturday evening after the hunt The Goose Shot Bar & Grill will treat our hunters to a free meal of their choice. Sunday morning we’ll be up early to get out before light for our second hunting session. When we’re hungry we’ll go to Helen’s Kitchen for breakfast. Afternoon hunt will then take place if the hunter chooses to. We’ll be doing this for at least 18 weeks, all of bow season, deer gun, and possibly muzzleloader and some late season bow hunting. It should be a great experience for all involved; we’ve been blessed with some outstanding land to hunt on due to the generosity of many different land owners.Waupun, Wisconsin

A Helping Hoof for Veterans

Type of Therapy: Horse Therapy

Website: ahelpinghoof.org

A place where people who dealt with anxiety and depression could come to work with horses to help them feel better.

Veterans who have suffered combat stress, sexual assault, hazing trauma, and the trauma of being a helping provider to wounded military.Granstville, Utah

Battle Flag Ranch

Type of Therapy: Marriage Therapy

Website: battleflagranch.com

To provide respite for battle weary veterans and their equally weary spouses and families.

Restoring Hope-Nashville, Tennessee

Because we can-Because we care

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: bwc2.org

Saving Horses-Helping people, building healthy relationships between the lives of horses and people.

Provide equine therapy for military, law enforcement, and firefighter personnel by providing equine therapy. TCR is to build a healthy relationship and EARN the Trust, Confidence, and Respect of the horse.Moorpark, California

Big Heart Ranch

Type of Therapy:

Website: bigheartranch.org

To provide purposeful, intention-based horse and animal inspired growth and healing activities

Family connection experiences, private sessions, full-day retreats, educational outreach, half-day retreats, corporate team building, therapeutic services, and weekend community days.Malibu, California

Adpative Sports Foundation

Type of Therapy: Recreational Therapy

Website: adaptivesportsfoundation.org

The Gwen Allard Adaptive Sports Center has become a model facility for serving individuals with disabilities through adaptive sports programs

The ASF’s Warriors in Motion® (WIM) program provides participating injured United States servicemen and women with a basic knowledge and practice of wellness and the importance of lifelong healthy living. Each event includes adaptive sports and nutrition instruction as well as other healthful practices such as yoga, and stress reduction techniques. Over the course of the event, there is also time for the participants to connect with each other. We view the time that veterans spend together as an essential part of their healing. All Warriors in Motion programs are goal oriented and empower warrior, to take charge of their own fitness and wellnessWindham, New York


Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: bees4vets.org

Our mission is to assist military veterans and first responders living with PTSD or TBI through a beekeeping experiences in the local community; combining outdoor activity, education and community outreach to create an environment of support and training where veterans and first responders can develop the interest and skills necessary to participate in beekeeping as a vocation or hobby.

Our program is specifically aimed at teaching veterans and first responders with PTSD and/or TBI the vocation of beekeeping. This is primarily a hands-on program where our students learn by doing. Our program will run from at latest late April until at least mid-October. If the weather warms up early, it could start earlier and if it stays warm later, it will run later. We will meet at least weekly during this time. It is our goal for our clients to learn as much as possible during their time with us so they can be successful beekeepers at whatever level they wish to pursueSparks, Nevada

Home Base's Warrior Health and Fitness

Type of Therapy: Fitness

Website: homebase.org

Dedicated to healing the invisible wounds for Veterans of all eras, Service Members, Military Families and Families of the Fallen through world-class clinical care, wellness, education and research.

Supervised physical training in a comfortable setting Education about healthy eating, living, sleep hygiene and the benefits of physical health Techniques to help alleviate stress and manage anxiety Enable participants to form a new band of “brothers and sisters” through a shared experience designed around positive competition It’s open to both men and women who are Veterans or Active Duty Service Members, in all branches the military, the National Guard and the Reserves. All able-bodied Veterans, including amputees, are eligible to participate and discharge status is not a factor.New England/Southwest, Massachusetts

The Big Red Barn Retreat

Type of Therapy:

Website: thebigredbarnretreat.org

Restore your feeling of well-being and build confidence within the mind and body to make you feel better and live a full life

Meditative yoga, healing art, equine assisted therapy, and gardeningBlythewood, South Carolina

Challenge America

Type of Therapy: Music & Dance Therapy

Website: challengeamerica.com

To connect service members, veterans and their families to resources and solutions that build community and give purpose to their lives

Makers for veterans, music therapy, military sisterhood initiative, and coursesBasalt, Colorado

Foundation for Womens Warriors

Type of Therapy: Mindfulness Therapy

Website: foundationforwomenwarriors.org

We exist to serve women veterans and their children so that their next mission is clear and continues to impact the world.

Warrior assistance, childcare assistance, connect with community, mentorship, and warrior connectVista/North Hollywood, California

Grace After Fire

Type of Therapy: Addiction/Retreats

Website: graceafterfire.org

To provide the means for women veterans to gain self-knowledge and self-renewal

Table talk, Color Me Camo is a peer to peer program specifically designed for women, and financial basic needs assistanceHouston/San Antonio, Texas

Equine Escape

Type of Therapy:

Website: equineescapeinc.org

Offer equine assisted learning to youth at risk and veterans

Giving Youth a “leg up” Veterans- Welcome Home Groups- promote teamwork, problem solving and overall wellness with group sessions,

Ms Veteran America

Type of Therapy: Recreational Therapy

Website: msveteranamerica.org

To showcase “The woman beyond the uniform” along with being soldiers, marines, Airmen, sailors, and coasties; we are also mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters

Ms. Veterans America PageantAlexandria, Virginia

Michigan Women Veterans Empowerment

Type of Therapy: Physiology Therapy

Website: empowermiwomenvets.com/

Empower all veterans, military family members and the at-risk youth in the 8 dimensions of wellness (Emotional, Financial, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual) through education, trainings, programs, events, mentorships, advocacy and supportive resources in the State of Michigan

Dirt Therapy: Veterans Agriculture & Agribusiness Youth & Adult Bootcamp Series Program, The Psychology of Money" Michigan Money Smart Week Event, Annual MIWE Conferences, Women Veteran Anthology Book Project – Volume 1,“Our Voices United” (ongoing volumes). We tailor make our programs, services, conferences, workshops, trainings, retreats, events, seminars and webinars to the veterans and military family members population needs in mindGoodrich, Michigan

American Veterans Archaeology

Type of Therapy: Recreational Therapy

Website: americanveteransarchaeology.org

To assist disabled American military veterans in their transition to civilian life by allowing them to participate in archaeological excavations.

Participate on digs throughout the worldSan Antonio, Texas

Supreme Acupuncture

Type of Therapy: Physiology Therapy

Website: supremeacupuncture.com

Provide integrative solutions to elite athletes, U.S military members, first responders, and other suffering from acute pain, trauma, or internal conditions.

Acupuncture, Gua Sha, cupping, moxibustion, and Chinese Herbal medicinePhoenix, Arizona

Home Front Equestrians

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: homefrontequestrians.org

Providing the children of US military families with a safe, quiet and fun place to break away from the stresses of military life and reconnect as a family through horsemanship

HFE True Horsemanship, HFE's Hen House, Little Farmers Victory GardenFisherdick Road Ware, Massachusetts

House in the Woods

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: houseinthewoods.org

To create a therapeutic, recreational, and educational retreat for our nation’s U.S armed forces and their families, using outdoor wilderness activities in Maine and natural habitats to help participants share common challenges related to their service and sacrifice in protecting our nation’s freedom and democratic ideals

Outdoor retreats for active duty military members, veterans, and their family members. Activities include hunting, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, nature tours, campfires, swimming, and wildlife identification and spotting.Lee, Maine

Hunt Antler Ridge

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: huntantlerridge.com

Offer a place at the end of the road where you trade in your daily pressures for a slower pace.

Hunts for deer, duck, turkey and predators. Fishing, hiking and horse trail riding, and Eagle watching are also popular activities.Kansas City, Kansas

Hunts for Healing Foundation- Family Camp

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: huntsforhealing.org

To create an atmosphere that promotes challenges in the outdoors and healing from within

Outdoor programs including but not limited to hunter safety, clay target shooting, pheasant, upland and small game hunting, fishing, and camping.Wyalusing, Pennsylvania

Kieve Veterans Camp

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: kieve.org/retreats/veterans

Offer veterans a chance to relax, have fun and reconnect with their family and other veterans.

One Week long retreat with indoor/outdoor activities. Outdoor high ropes course, indoor climbing wall, pottery, wood working, cooking, yoga, snow-shoeing and orienteering, cross-country, skiing, fishing, or ice fishingNobleboro, Maine

My Warrior's Place

Type of Therapy: Mindfulness Therapy

Website: mywarriorsplace.org

To honor, support and promote healing of the mind and spirit by providing a relaxed setting, special programs and to be a resource for any military service member, veterans, first responders, Blue, Silver, and Gold star families, whose life has been touched and forever changed due to a tragic event and/or the death of a fallen warrior while in service to our country

Retreat stays, project corregidor, FAVE boating, everyday Heroes USA, CODE Fitness/ Yoga, and Heroes and AngelsRuskin, Florida

Operation at Ease

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: operationatease.org

To work with several different shelters and rescues throughout the U.S pairing unwanted dogs with disabled veterans at no cost.

Psychiatric Service Dog Training and Emotional Support Dog TrainingRotterdam, New York

Operation: Care and Comfort Tickets for Troops

Type of Therapy: Recreational Therapy

Website: occ-usa.org/tickets-for-troops

- Work with sports teams, event venues, and season ticket holders, occ has distributed tens of thousands donated tickets to military families and veterans in the San Francisco Bay area and Northern California.

Sporting Events and Entertainment EventsFairfield, California

Operation R & R

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: orrus.org

A non-profit organization, founded in 2008, dedicated to serving military families, first responder families, and Gold Star families who have sacrificed extended time apart from loved ones, been injured or worse in their line of duty.

4-7 day stay on Hilton Head Island in either a condo or home,

Outward Bound

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: outwardbound.org

To change lives through challenge and discovery.

Classic Expeditions, Semester Expeditions, Outdoor Educator Expeditions, Intercept Expeditions, Veterans Expeditions, and Professional ExpeditionsLaGrangefield, New York

Project New Hope

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: projectnewhope.net/

Provide combat veterans and their families with the education, training, and skills necessary to manage their lives after wartime service

3 day retreat which includes fishing, hiking, campfires, and counseling sessionsGlendale, California

Brave Heart Program

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: braveheartriding.org

An environment where veterans, military members, and their families come together to facilitate healing and strengthen relationships through equine interaction and outdoor activities in a peaceful farm setting.

- Brave HEART Program, spend quality time in the outdoors doing a variety of activities. From horseback riding to arts and crafts, the emphasis is on the family and strengthening bonds between family membersHagerstown, Maryland

Building Bridges Foundation

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: buildingbridgesfoundation.org

- Help veterans, and military members and their families, in all walks of life conquer their personal growth challenges, transforming struggles and burdens into opportunities

Group and individual therapy sessions to aid in personal growth.Conestoga, Pennsylvania

Project Sanctuary

Type of Therapy:

Website: projectsanctuary.us

Support military families where they are right NOW

Counseling, Education, and Therapeutic RecreationGrandby, Colorado

Reel American Heroes

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: reelamericanheroes.org

Works with both military hospitals and military bases to provide recreational therapy to our nation’s wounded soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, disabled and combat veterans.

- RAHF Tournament, Team RAHF fishing trip, wounded hero fishing system,

Rick Herrema Foundation

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: rhfnow.org

Strengthens relationships and builds community for the Military Family through fun, quality activities

Rick's place- survival skills, Tale Telling, and Paintball and NerfFayetteville, North Carolina

Take a Soldier Fishing

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: takeasoldierfishing.org

We assist communities at large to show their support for veterans and activie duty military by sponsoring our Take a Soldier/Veteran Fishing events

Take a soldier/veteran Fishing,

Reboot Recovery

Type of Therapy: Mindfulness Therapy

Website: rebootrecovery.com

Exists to help veterans, first responders and their families heal from the moral and spiritual wounds associated with service-related trauma

12 week faith-based trauma healing course designed to help combat veterans and their families recover from the spiritual and moral wounds of warPleasant View, Tennessee

Alpha Bravo Canine

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: alphabravocanine.org

Provide trained service dogs to U.S military veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI, and other combat related disabilities

Provide a fully trained service dog.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Flag is Up Farms Inc

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: montyroberts.com

To leave the world a better place than I found it, for horses and people too.

Horsemanship 101, kids course, Monty's special training, gentling wild horses, introductory course, introductory exams, Join-UpSolvang, California


Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: alphaK9.org

To help veterans, law enforcement officers, first responders, and battered women and children take back their lives.

PTSD service dogs are carefully selected by our skilled staff and paired with one of our clients, helping them to return to a more independent life.Sacramento, California

American Humane

Type of Therapy: Recreational Therapy

Website: americanhumane.org

Committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals

- Pups4patriots rescue, farms, humane Hollywood, grants and awards, military and conservationWashington, District of Columbia

America's Vet Dogs

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: vetdogs.org

- Is to help those who have served our country honorably live with dignity and independence.

- Service dog, guide dog, PTSD service dog, seizure response dog, military facility dogSmithtown, New York

A Veteran's Best Friend

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: servicedog4ptsd.org

A Christian non-profit organization that trains service dogs for veterans with PTSD, at no cost to the Veteran

We provide support services to assist vets in the process of reintegration into society. Our program emphasizes the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the veteran and their families.Louisville, Kentucky

Awesome Greyhound Adoptions

Type of Therapy:

Website: awesomegreyhoundadoptions.org

Dedicated to finding responsible, loving homes for racing greyhounds that no longer qualify to compete at the race track

Hounds and Heroes These highly-trainable greyhounds are given the chance to find placement as pets, as therapy dogs or as fully-trained service dogs for veterans with PTSD or who need mobile assistance.,

Brothers and sisters in Arms Dog Training

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: brotherandsisterptsddogs.org

- To unite individuals impacted by PTSD, TBI, Military sexual trauma, autism, epilepsy, mobility, diabetes, developmental disabilities, or other mental health problems with dogs rescued from shelters.

Providing high-quality trained service dogs to qualified active duty members, military veterans, first responders, and their special-needs dependentsLeesville, Louisiana

The Merritt Center

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: merrittcenter.org

Dedicated to providing education in renewal and empowerment via classes, workshops, and experiential programs in a climate conducive to personal and organizational growth

Men’s and women’s 7 day program for returning combat veterans, free mens and womens 4 day weekend retreat for returning combat veterans, and Pilot program 2 weekend veterans family programPayson, Arizona

Canine Angels

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: canineangelsusa.org

To save dogs from our local shelters, obedience train and place them in foster homes for socialization and advanced training, and to certify them as working service dogs. We then donate them to our disabled American veterans for free

Service dog training, share our therapy dogs with the community, train private pets, promote ADA rightsGrants Pass, Oregon

Canine Partners for Life

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: k94life.org

To increase the independence and quality of life of individuals with physical, developmental, and cognitive disabilities or who are in other situations of need.

Service dogs - Full service dogs, seizure alert dogs, cardiac alert dogs, diabetes alert dogs Companion Dogs - Home companion dogs - Courthouse companion dogs - Residential companion dogsCochranville, Pennsylvania

Brigadoon Service Dogs

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: brigadoondogs.org

We provide service dogs for veterans, other adults, and children with physical, developmental, and behavioral health disabilities to promote a more independent and enriched life.

Canines and Heroes for Independence, Trains Dogs for children under the age of 16, partner with Washington State prisons to create a mutually beneficial programBellingham, Washington

Canines for Service

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: caninesforservice.org

Provide veterans with disabilities quality trained service dogs.

Canines for Veterans, Canines for Service, Canines for Therapy, Canines for Literacy, CFS Trainers ProgramWilmington, North Carolina

Circle of Change

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: circleofchangeprogram.com

To help veterans who suffer from the effects of traumatic events by providing both dog training and handling experiences in order to develop confidence, respect, and trust there by improving the veterans’ quality of life, self esteem and social skills

Under the supervision of professional dog trainers, veterans from all wars suffering the effects of PTSD and traumatic brain injuries learn dog handling skillsRockford, Illinois

Companions for Heroes

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: companionsforheroes.org

Provides companion animals, companion dogs, and on a case-by-case basis, service dogs, obtained from shelters, rescues and humane societies, who might otherwise be euthanized, free of charge to active duty military personnel, military veterans, first responders, military spouses and children, and Gold Star families recovering from the psychological challenges they suffered during service to our country.

Provide all dogs cost-free training with the hero and are certified to obtain AKC canine Good Citizen Certification or ADA of 1990Saint Simons Island, Georgia

Gratitude America

Type of Therapy: Retreat

Website: www.gratitudeamerica.org

To provide critical support for service mbrs, veterans, and their families by conducting meaningful restorative retreats to assist participants affected by development exposure such as combat related stress and traumatic brain injury

Retreat-Marine land Dolphin interactions, Equine interactions, Kayaking and Eco Tour Retreat- Amelia Island Kayaking, river cruise, equine encountersFernandina, Florida

National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center

Type of Therapy: Retreats

Website: veteranswellnessandhealing.org

- establish an environment that is responsive to the needs of veterans and military families using creative therapies and processes that focus on emotional and physical healing.

Retreat offers - Native American healing ceremonies - Equine reintegration training - Yoga - Massage - Aroma Therapy - Reiki - Art Therapy - Acupuncture - Couples - Group Counseling SessionAngel Fire, New Mexico

Doggone Express

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: doggoneexpress.com

To provide services to shelters and rescue groups for training and transporting adoptable dogs

Big House to Your House, Companions for Life, Paws for ChangeMt. Hermon, Louisiana

Dogs for Our Brave

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: dogsforourbrave.com

To provide professionally trained service and companion dogs at no cost to veterans who have suffered debilitating injury or illness while in service to our country.

Provide professionally trained service dogs and companion dogs. Provide dog food and care, medications and daily careSt. Louis, Montana

Puppies Behind Bars

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: puppiesbehindbars.com

Trains prison inmates to raise service dogs for wounded war veterans and first responders as well as explosive-detection canines for law enforcement.

- Service Dogs for veterans, service dogs for first responders, explosive-detection canine programNew York, New York

4 Paws for Ability

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: 4pawsforability.org

To place quality service dogs with children with disabilities and veterans who have lost use of limbs or hearing and educate the public regarding use of service dogs in public places.

- Alzheimers Assistance dog, Autism assistance dog, diabetic dog, FASD assistance, ear dog, mobility assistance dog, seizure assistance dog, veteran assistance dog, and classes- What to expectXenia, Ohio

4 Paws for Patriots

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: 4paws4patriots.org

Provide free service dogs to disabled veterans across the U.S

Match an individual with a rescue dog, and they go through extensive training class togetherMenifee, California

Angel Wings for Veterans

Type of Therapy: Transportation to Critical Clinical Care

Website: angelwingsforveterans.org

To ensure that no veteran in need is denied clinical care because of a lack of transportation.

Provides wounded, ill, and injured veterans and active duty service members along with their families with free travel to clinical care on the ground and in the air with gas cards, bus and train tickets, general aviation flights, and commercial airline tickets.Virginia Beach, Virginia

Freedom Service Dogs of America

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: freedomservicedogs.org

- To acquire and train dogs that have the potential to successfully undergo and complete the rigorous seven to ten month training that allows them to assist people with disabilities, thus increasing their independence and peace of mind.

dog teams, disco’s dogs, operation freedom, operation full circle, pawsitive connection, professional therapy dogEnglewood, Colorado

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: medicalservicedogs.com

To rescue, raise, train, and then donate individually trained medical service dogs to veterans and others struggling with a myriad of disabilities

Train and donate dogs to deserving veterans and others in need.Williston, Florida

Mental Joe

Type of Therapy: Mindfulness Therapy

Website: https://mental-joe.com/

What is TRE? (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) TRE® is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension, and trauma. The exercises safely activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system. When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance. Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (or TRE®) is based on the fundamental idea, backed by research, that stress, tension, and trauma is both psychological and physical. TRE®’s reflexive muscle vibrations generally feel pleasant and soothing. After doing TRE®, many people report feelings of peace and well-being. TRE® has helped many thousands of people globally. TRE was created by Dr. David Berceli. Dr. Berceli is an international expert in the areas of trauma intervention and conflict resolution.

What is TRE? (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) TRE® is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension, and trauma. The exercises safely activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system. When this muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism is activated in a safe and controlled environment, the body is encouraged to return back to a state of balance. Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (or TRE®) is based on the fundamental idea, backed by research, that stress, tension, and trauma is both psychological and physical. TRE®’s reflexive muscle vibrations generally feel pleasant and soothing. After doing TRE®, many people report feelings of peace and well-being. TRE® has helped many thousands of people globally. TRE was created by Dr. David Berceli. Dr. Berceli is an international expert in the areas of trauma intervention and conflict resolution.Phoenix, Arizona

Coming Home Project Retreats

Type of Therapy: Retreat

Website: cominghomeproject.net

Spiritually informed approaches and practices for healing trauma and restoring wellbeing.

Our Flagship Program -- Four and five day residential retreats for veterans, service members, and their families, for veterans only, and self-care retreats for their service providers. These create a safe place of belonging and community where participants share stories and experiences in small peer groups (veterans, spouses and partners, parents and grandparents, siblings and so on), learn key resilience practices, enjoy expressive arts and vigorous outdoor recreation in beautiful natural environments, and participate in secular ritual that recognizes, honors and helps integrate experiences. Retreats are not psychotherapy, but they are therapeutic. They are optimal environments for connecting and healing that also support new learning, including resilience, family life, and career development skills. Key qualities developed include aliveness, bonding, resilience and purpose. Retreats are peer-support driven and facilitated by experienced licensed psychotherapists and trained veterans and chaplains. Will soon include use of pioneering film on reintegrating into the workforce developed by WILL Interactive, award winning producers of interactive training simulations. Provider Education and Support -- Professional, self-care and wellness skills training for service providers from all branches, Military Treatment Facilities and VA’s. Alleviate compassion fatigue and burnout and by helping ensure continuity of services and job sustainability. Include restorative self-care and wellness retreats similar to our veterans and family retreats. Our educational training videos for providers, produced with UCSF and UCTV, have been downloaded over 2 million times. Veteran Toolkit Workshops—Bring together peer support and wellness practices with employment strategies, skills and job resources in a one day integrative program, with Coming Home staff and business mentors. Equine Assisted Therapy Workshops—Mobilize the transformative power of relationships between animals and humans to assist in healing the unseen injuries of war.Psychological Services (San Francisco Bay Area only) -- Our cohort of 80 licensed, highly trained psychotherapists provide probono, unlimited psychological services and care ranging from outpatient therapy, medication management, to thorough evaluation and referral,

Hawaii Fi-Do Service Dogs

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: hawaiifido.org

Exists to provide trained service dogs to people with disabilities other than blindness in Hawaii and related education to the community

Dog training program, Be a puppy raiser, and community outreachKahuku, Hawaii

Healing 4 Heroes

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: healing4heroes.org

To assisting our military service members, and veterans lead healthy, productive lives

- Rescue dogs from local shelters and pair them up with veterans at no cost to the veteran and provide all the training to help them become ADA compliantPeachtree City, Georgia

Healing Paws for Warriors

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: healingpawsforwarriors.org

Bringing awareness to veteran suicide; reducing the numbers one service dog at a time.

Dedicated to providing 9/11 combat veterans wounded from PTSD, TBI, and MST rescue-to-trained ADA-certified service dogs,

K9 Camo Companions

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: K9camocompanions.com

To do everything in my power to help both the veterans and pet find peace and contentment in their lives together

Dog matching and dog trainingSparta, Michigan

K9's For Veterans

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: k9forveteranwarriors.org

To help veterans with PTSD transition back to civilian life once their military service has ended with the help of trained service dogs.

K9 provides free food and medical care for the life of the service dog. Rescue dogs from kill shelters to train as service dogs for our veteransChicago, Illinois

K9's For Warriors

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: K9sforwarriors.org

Provide service canines to our warriors suffering from PTSD, TBI, and/or MST as a result of military service post 9/11.

- Provide service dogs trained to perform tasks to mitigate a disabilityPonte Vedra, Florida

K9's on the Front Line

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: k9sonthefrontline.org

Saving Dogs-Restoring Hope

Provide certified, trained service dogs to military veterans who affected by PTSD and/or TBI.Portland, Maine

New Horizons Service Dogs

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: newhorizonsservicedogs.org

Provide quality, trained service dogs to people with disabilities. Educate the public and raise awareness regarding the needs and concerns of persons with disabilities. Provide on-going support to a recipient of our dogs and assure a successful working partnership.

- Train dogs to assist adults and children in wheelchairs, veterans with disabilities, and children with autismOrange City, Florida

Hero Dogs, Inc.

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: www.hero-dogs.org

Hero Dogs, Inc., a Maryland 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, improves quality of life for our nation’s heroes by raising, training, and placing service dogs and other highly skilled canines, free of charge with lifetime support of the partnerships.

Hero Dogs places service dogs with veterans and first-responders with disabilities. We also place facility dogs with qualified clincians, and skilled home companion dogs with veteran and first-responder families.Brookeville, Maryland

Horses 4 Heroes

Type of Therapy:

Website: horses4heroes.org

Create and deliver affordable recreational and instructional equestrian activities and free moraleboosting health & wellness programs to local heroes and their families in our communities from coast to coast

Summer camps, horseback riding lessons, work shops for veterans with PTSD, victims of domestic abuse and violence, recovering addicts, at risk youth and teens and others in the community who need a hand up, not a hand out,

Next Step Service Dogs

Type of Therapy: Next Step Service Dogs

Website: nextstepservicedogs.org

To renew the life of veterans and first responders through service dog placement, training, and education by mobilizing public and private resources.

Train service dogs and supports veterans by giving them the tools to take the next steps forward in their lives by assisting in the training of amazing service dogs.San Diego, California

Equine Escape

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: equineescapeinc.org

Offer equine assisted learning to youth at risk and veterans.

Giving Youth a “leg up” Veterans- Welcome Home Groups- promote teamwork, problem solving and overall wellness with group sessionsGoodrich, Michigan

Exit 12 Dance Company

Type of Therapy: Music & Dance Therapy

Website: exit12danceco.org

contemporary dance company committed to creating and performing works of high cultural significance that inspire conversations about worldly differences and the lasting effects of violence and conflict on communities, families, and individuals. Through movement, we educate audiences about the reality of war, advocate diversity and mutual understanding through cultural exchange, and champion the humanity and dignity of all persons.

Performances, workshops, and lecturesNew York, New York

Northwest Battle Buddies

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: northwestbattlebuddies.org

Serving our veterans who served us all

Train PTSD service dogs for veteransBattle Ground, Washington

Operation Delta Dogs

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: operationdeltadog.org

Two Big Problems One Great Solutions

Adopt dogs from shelters and rescues. Train them to be service dogs for veteransChelmsford, Massachusetts

Operation Freedom Paws

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: operationfreedompaws.org

Empowers veterans and individuals with disabilities to restore their freedom to live life.

Train the individual to train their own dogs, and then certify them together as a service dog teamSan Martin, California

Operation K9

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: operationK9.org

Training service dogs for our wounded military veterans with PTSD, TBI, and/or physical injury sustained in combat that warrant the need for a service dog

Train and match service dogs to veterans who have served in the U.S military armed forces post September 11, 2001Spring Branch, Texas

Painted Paws

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: paintedpawsforveterans.org

Dedicated to assisting veterans and their families in adopting canine companions from animal shelters and rescues, in order to provide emotional support and a way to reconnect to life and family, both during and after military service

- Canine adoption assistance, therapy dog visits, veteran retreats, PTSD educationPeyton, Colorado

Patriotic Service Dog Foundation

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: patrioticservicedogfoundation.org

To provide highly trained service dogs to those in need that can benefit from a service dog at no cost to the recipients.

Veterans are matched with highly trained and skilled service dogs that allow their new partners to become more independent, self-confident, and comfortable with life outside of the military/ law enforcementMurrieta, California

Patriot Paws

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: patriotpaws.org

To train and provide service dogs of the highest quality at no cost to disabled American veterans and others with mobile disabilities and PTSD in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence

Prison programs, puppy raiser, AggielandRockwall, Texas

Patriot's Rovers

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: patriotrovers.org/

Healing mission that provides professionally trained and certified psychiatric service dogs, instruction, therapeutic group camaraderie and support services for veterans struggling with PTSD and TBI as a result of their service to our country

Train service dogs for veterans who return home with PTSD and/or TBIHudson, Florida

Forgotten Not Gone

Type of Therapy: Group Bike Outings

Website: forgottennotgone.org/

We accomplish this by getting Veterans physically and socially active within society. Too many Veterans isolate, shutting off the outside world until it is too late. #TooDamnMany Veterans are taking their own lives each day in America. We find that physical activity is one of the surest ways to get Veterans engaged back into a healthy active social life. We Provide and Maintain a Fleet of Velomobile Recumbent trikes (3 and 4 Wheel Bicycles, some with electric assist) FREE of charge to ride for our local Veterans and their families to #GetOutTheDamnHouse and learn to live life #StigmaFree. #FNG is Proactive in Veteran Suicide Prevention by addressing the triggers of suicide and WHY it’s happening. We provide practical resources to fulfill the needs of our Veterans and we prevent the negative effects that would incur from not having access to them. Located in Las Vegas, the Entertainment capital of the world, The Battle Born State of Nevada, #VegasStrong and yet ground zero for one of the HIGHEST Veteran suicides rates in the Nation.

Outreach through physical activity has a profound mental effect on a person. Our fleet of velomobile recumbent trikes help Veterans get their minds off self-destructive thoughts while creating and releasing healthy endorphins. Our Veterans exercise and not just to keep their weight in check. We need to be active for our biological systems to work properly – this includes our brain functioning. Our bodies and minds are connected and in constant communication, so physical activity can affect what goes on in our Veteran’s brains, and vice versa. Peer to Peer mentoring and educating our Veterans on all types of Alternative therapy like Sensory deprivation, acupuncture, trauma yoga, meditation, colonics and so many more. We have community partners that help us offer these therapies also for free or at a dramatically discounted price.Las Vegas, Nevada

Awesome Greyhound Adoptions & the Hounds & Heroes Program

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: AwesomeGreyhoundAdoptions.org

To provide our veterans with fully trained retired racing greyhound service dogs. We train for mobility assistance, PTSD, MS, TBI, parkinsons and other issues that plague our veterans in their retirement. Located in SE FL we are an all volunteer group that donates these fully trained dogs to veterans in need.

Fully trained dogs donated to veterans ……. veteran must train with dog in SE FL for 2 weeks to a month …. depending on the needs of the veteran and the ability for them to learn all the dog already knows.Boynton, Florida

Telluride Adaptive Sports Program

Type of Therapy: Outdoor Therapy

Website: www.tellurideadaptivesports.org

Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP) provides outdoor therapeutic recreation to individuals with disabilities promoting independence and personal growth.

Our program offers year round opportunities to Veterans of all abilities. We operate a full ski/board program daily in the winter at the Telluride Ski Resort providing lift tickets, instruction and equipment. In the summer months we guide and support cycling, hiking, rock climbing, paddle boarding, fly fishing and more. We also offer specialized Veteran specific camps throughout the year. Prices vary depending upon funding and grant opportunities ranging anywhere from free to $500 for some of our remote, multi-day specialty camps.PO Box 2254, Telluride, Colorado

Heroes & Horses, Inc.

Type of Therapy:

Website: heroes.horse

An Equine Assisted Learning/Therapy Program for veterans, first responders and their families that creates a safe physical and emotional environment for partnership with the Equine Herd. We empower individuals in discovering personal wisdom & solutions that can shift lives toward a more positive direction. We make the equine experience available for many in the underserved population.

* Women’s Veteran Closed Group - Utilizing the Power of Equine to address issues uniquely experienced by women that have served in the military we provide a 6 week, 1.5 hour closed group that organically addresses individual and group issues that include domestic violence, abuse (physical, emotional, spiritual), family dynamics, relationships and those issues unique to the individual * Men’s Veteran Closed Group - Utilizing the Power of Equine to address issues uniquely experienced by men that have served in the military we provide a 6 week, 1.5 hour closed group that organically addresses individual and group issues that include PTSD, Grief/Loss, Integration challenges, Connection (physical, emotional, spiritual), family dynamics, relationships and those issues unique to each individual. Each group is held inside the Herd Dynamic. * Family/Veterans Family-We offer several experiences for families: 1) Pre Deployment (Preparation) (This may be an individual family or multiple families). Provides a shared experience that addresses the challenges for both service person and family preparing for separation. Each session is held inside the Herd Dynamic with family members connecting with an Equine Partner that represents a consistent presence. Provides a safe place for expression with trusting partners in addition to reducing the sense of abandonment and/or isolation. 2) Deployment (Living Life One Day at a Time) Provides a shared experience that addresses the challenges for both service person and family preparing for separation. Each session is held inside the Herd Dynamic with family members connecting with an Equine Partner that represents a consistent presence. Provides a safe place for expression with trusting equine partners in addition to reducing the sense of abandonment and/or isolation. 3) Return Preparation – Post Deployment While families often embrace the return of the family member, there are natural challenges that accompany the reintegration process. Having experienced the Equine Herd Dynamic as a consistent presence and safe place for expression outside of the ‘therapist office’ family members have already begun the process of change. * We are also able to customize programs specific to particular individual or group needs.Wickenburg, Arizona

Big Heart Ranch

Type of Therapy: Animal Therapy

Website: bigheartranch.org

To provide purposeful, intention-based horse and animal inspired growth and healing activities

Family connection experiences, private sessions, full-day retreats, educational outreach, half-day retreats, corporate team building, therapeutic services, and weekend community days.Malibu, California

Soldier's Best Friend

Type of Therapy:

Website: https://soldiersbestfriend.org/

Soldier’s Best Friend provides U.S. military veterans living with combat-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with Service or Therapeutic Companion Dogs, most of which are rescued from local shelters. The veteran and dog train together to build a trusting relationship that saves two lives at once and inspires countless others.

We are devoted to helping our veterans and the pet overpopulation problem Once a veteran is accepted into our training program, they will be paired with a dog adopted by our nonprofit from a local shelter or with a dog already owned by the veteran. They will live and train together from that point forward. Training is comprised of private and group sessions (2) two days a week for a minimum of (6) six to (9) nine months. We have training locations in: Phoenix Tucson Prescott Sierra Vista Flagstaff Training includes basic obedience, public outings and tasks specific to each veteran's PTSD or TBI symptoms. Once the dog is fully trained in all of these skills, it will be qualified as a Service Dog or classified a Therapeutic Companion Dog / Emotional Support Animal. All placement and training fees are at no cost to an eligible veteran. The veteran will be responsible for transportation and housing costs (if needed). All funding for Soldier’s Best Friend is from charitable donations. Please help our cause and donate today. Types of Dogs Offered Depending on the individual need of the applicant, we will train the veteran/dog team for one of two types of dogs; a Service Dog or a Therapeutic Companion Dog / Emotional Support Animal. A Service Dog is allowed by law to enter public places such as the veteran’s work place, restaurants, buses, stores, etc. These are rights set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A Therapeutic Companion Dog / Emotional Support Animal will not be allowed to enter most public venues. This dog is fully obedience trained. These dogs by law are allowed to live in non pet friendly environments.Peoria, Arizona